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Panosail - Sailing Greece

Welcome to our homepage about sailing around beautiful Greece, especially the blue Aegean sea!

Sailing-Greece-Panosail_04.jpgEven with modern technology and reliable charts, sailing has remained a close-to-nature adventure for young and old.

A voyage under sail brings the opportunity to discover and experience locations virtually untouched by tourism. Secluded inlets will entice you to swim, snorkel or simply chill and enjoy. The night canopy of stars is never more magical than when moored in the serenity of a Grecian inlet at night. And to swim at midnight in the warm fluorescence of the Aegean is to be at one with nature.

For those seeking adventure and colourful memories, you'll gain impressions that will stay with you forever. Dine in local taverns, where tables buckle under the weight of delicious local delicacies and share ouzo together with your exuberant host and ever friendly locals.

If you are so inclined, on many islands, there is the opportunity to undertake interesting inland excursions to view exciting cultural and ancient archaeological sites.

Sailing is an intense near-nature experience. But, be aware, once infected with the "sailing bug" you will never want to lose the feeling of freedom that comes from being at one with the sea and sky in the midst of the beauty that is the Aegean.

Sailing is an adventure!

For beginners, families, old salts, lovers of nature, adventurers, technical geeks and, especially in Greece, also for those seeking a cultural experience. Here you can find impressions from past voyages.

Come and experience Greece first-hand with Panosail – sailing from either Samos or Kos!


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Some impressions - but wait, there's a lot more to "sea":